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PHP / MySQL Programming

Web-development-1.com provides custom PHP MySQL programming for the websites, according to the particular requirements.

Relational database management system MySQL functions as a server that provides many databases with multi-user access. It allows the choice of storage engine as the one, most effective for the tables in the application. The storage engines can be compiled in or dynamically loaded during the run time.

Distinguished features of MySQL programming that are not always available with other database systems:

  • Multiple storage engines
  • Native storage engines
  • Custom storage engines
  • Community-developed storage engines
  • Partner-developed storage engines
  • Commit grouping: accumulation of multiple transactions from various connections to add to the total number of commits per second.


The PHP scripting language is widely used for the website development and can also be incorporated into HTML. Server-side scripting is the primary focus of the PHP language. Like all other CGI it can create dynamic page content, gather form data and send or receive cookies. But PHP have lots of additional advantages over other programs. The three basic usage areas of PHP language are:

  • The main and traditional target field of server-side scripting
  • Command line scripting
  • Writing desktop applications


Integrating PHP scripting with MySQL database system, web-development-1.com has introduced a unique development program.

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